Justin Lipscomb


Justin Rawdon Lipscomb is a poet and musician from Columbus Ohio. He has been writing and making music since his early twenties. He first collection of poems is coming out the fall of 2018, Chemically Coated Personalities.

His work addresses topics like race, sex, addiction, relationships, and politics, and translates his experiences into universally felt emotions, giving others a voice where they might have yet to find their own.

All of time, comes with a price to pay.

breakfast between the seams

That’s all you’re going to get,

learn to live with it.


Food for thought,

leaning in causes controversy.


Walk slowly on your heels

waiting for the next package of feels

to get delivered to the wrong doorstep.


Stop going outside

because you can’t hide your lack of sleep.


Count to three and hope you are me.


She had a collection of rings

that showed me her true colors.


When sentences don’t end

you can be sure your parents will search for famous witches.


Want to meet me in the know?


The length of my exhale is meant to replace meals.

front door

Time continues to pass

no matter how hard I try to grab at its tail.


If our breath is our spirit

are we all holding it to fail?


The sun rises and sets

and we are bereft of an idea.


Clothes hang loose

as the day runs along.


We try and hope for things

to come and don’t cherish things that are gone.

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Chemically Coated Personalities is a wildly engaging collection of images and surprising twists of narrative. There is both iridescent dialogue and a well-honed sense of place and storytelling. Each work inside is inviting, rich with language, weaving together many threads at once. Justin Lipscomb’s voice is clear as a bell, and well worth celebrating.

Hanif Abdurraqib


These words are not afraid to take you to places of quiet power. Declaring independence from conventional meaning, they hold onto light and question the whispers that fill the dead of night (and know not to trust them). They will make you breathe differently. Justin Lipscomb’s Chemically Coated Personalities is a fearless conversation about how we find ourselves.

Nancy Kangas

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